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Coronet Carpet in Banning CA 92220

When you are faced with carpet that has been water damaged there are many ways in which to clean it. What process you will use depends on certain factor including the extent and type of water damage.

One very important factor in determining if water damaged carpets can be repaired is what type of water that damaged the carpet. Sanitary water comes from sources like a leaky pipe. It is considered sanitary water because it will Coronet Carpet Banning CA 92220 probably not contain harmful contaminants like bacteria and the carpet may be able to be repaired.

Unsanitary water is what would come from toilet or dishwater overflows because there is a great possibility of potential health hazards so you should replace your carpet. Another type of unsanitary water is black water. This water usually comes from a flood or sewage backup. Because of possible contaminations and the smell you should replace your carpet.

As soon as you Banning CA 92220 repair the leak, restoration efforts should begin to help prevent the growth of mold. If the carpet is has a small water damaged area you should try these steps but if it is a larger area or the entire carpet, it may need to be replaced, even if the damage is from sanitary water.

• First, you need to remove as much excess water from the padding and carpet as you possibly can.
• Once that Coronet Carpet Banning CA 92220 is done clean the carpet thoroughly using a disinfectant mixture. You should do a spot test first to make sure the cleaner would not cause further damage to the carpet.
• Finally, remove the tack strips from the carpet and put fans underneath to dry the carpet.

You may be able to remove the baseboards so you can drill holes in the drywall. Do this close to the floor to aide with the ventilation to aid Banning CA 92220 in the drying of the carpet. Another way you may be able to help dry the damaged carpet quicker is to run a dehumidifier in the room. You may need to take up the carpet and replace the padding.

While the carpet is drying you should not walk on the wet carpet in order to prevent further damage and possible staining. Sometimes when the carpet has been damaged by water the glue backing may separate from Banning CA 92220 the carpet fibers. This is called delamination. Any furniture that was in the room should also be moved to prevent any stains or dyes from your furniture getting into the carpet and staining it. If the furniture absorbs the water off the carpet it could also be damaged. If you cannot repair your carpet you can call a professional carpet company to try to repair the carpet or replace it.

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